Why Trust Us?

  • You will get your policy contract from the one of the most stable non-life insurance companies in  the Philippines: BPI/MS Insurance Corporation. The company is profitable, well-managed, industry leader, ISO certified and with outstanding service in terms of claims.


  • You talk and deal with a licensed agent with years of experience in the insurance  industry. You are not talking with a sales person whom you may no longer see or hear after you got your fire policy. For your safety, deal only  with licensed and accredited agents.


  • You will get full assistance when you claim but we pray and wish that you will never use your fire insurance policy as we also value your property.


  • You get the best coverage with your budget and with your needs.


  • You will be informed annually with regards to your policy renewal to ensure that your property is covered continuously. You will receive full assistance in  the renewal process.


  • You can get a fire insurance policy wherever you are in the world. Payment can be through banks and accredited payment centers. OFWs will be given assistance.