Fire Insurance Philippines

Fire Insurance Philippines is the leading provider of fire insurance quotations and proposals in the Philippines. We are accredited by some of the most trusted and reliable non-life insurance companies in the Philippines to assist clients in getting their fire insurance policies for their homes, condominiums, apartments, businesses, factories and warehouses.

Many Filipinos lost millions worth of properties due to fire every year. Unfortunately, majority of the property owners failed to get fire insurance policies. Many of them are not aware that many non-life insurance companies are offering fire insurance policies that will pay them the amount  of their damaged properties in exchange for paying a very small premium every year. They also have the wrong impression that fire insurance is expensive which is totally false. For example, a 1 Million pesos fire insurance coverage for a house will just cost less than 1,500 pesos per year. If a homeowner has a 1 Million pesos fire insurance policy for his house, he can claim up to 1 Million pesos from his insurance company in the event that his house was damaged by fire.

Condominium owners can get fire insurance policy for the improvements, appliances and furniture of their units.  Tenants of condos, apartments and office buildings can also insure the contents of their units including the appliances, furniture,  and improvements.

Owners of apartments and commercial buildings can also get fire insurance. Even factories and warehouses are insurable. Equipment, machinery and stocks may be covered in a fire insurance policy.

One Insurance Policy to Cover Many Perils

Fire insurance companies  have designed their products to include other perils such as lightning, flood, earthquake, typhoon, burglary, malicious damage and riots.  Some insurance companies even cover fire fighting expense, temporary accommodation expense, debris removal expense, lost rental income, relocation allowance and personal accident insurance. Property owners don’t need to get individual policies to cover these perils; they just need one policy contract.

Peace of Mind

The immediate benefit of getting a fire insurance contract for your property is simply peace of mind. In one instant, your can lose your house to a fire – the house that you have worked so hard to acquire. With a fire insurance policy , you have the peace of mind that you can provide your family with a new shelter after a fire. The insurance company will pay (indemnify) the value of your burnt house. Becoming homeless after a fire is one of the worst things that could happen to your family.

Remember Yolanda and Ondoy? Billions worth of properties were destroyed by these catastrophic natural disasters. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the destroyed properties are insured. Many property owners were shocked and unprepared financially to such powerful disasters. With  global warming many of these disasters will occur in the future, thus it is highly important to secure property insurance.

With the popularity and necessity of condo living in urban centers, it is very important for condo owners and tenants to get fire insurance policy. Even you are very careful to avoid fire in your unit, you cannot control the behavior or carelessness of your neighbors. Fire in other units or other floors of the building can cause smoke damage to your unit.

Business owners can protect their businesses against loss due to fire and other perils by getting business insurance. An insurance policy can cover the building itself (if he owns the building) equipment, machine, improvements and stocks (products being sold). It makes sense to shell out a small portion of your profit to buy a fire insurance policy to protect your business, the source of your wealth. If you lost your business from fire, it would be difficult to start over again without a ready capital, which can be provided by your trusted insurance company.


BPI/MS is a joint venture of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), a member of the Ayala Group of Companies and one of the country’s most respected and largest  banking institutions, and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, one of the largest non-life insurance companies in Japan.